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Welcome to the La Grande Seventh-day Adventist Church website!  Pastor Mike Armayor and members of the LaGrande SDA welcome you to this website.  Check out the calendar for information about church activities. 

               Pastor Mike Armayor and wife, Marilyn

Marilyn and Michael were born and reared as Seventh-day Adventists in the Southeastern part of our country. They first met in the college church at Southern Adventist University and married two years later after graduating - Marilyn with a B.S. in nursing and associate degree in Early Childhood Ed., and Michael with a B.S. in Biology and minor in Theology.
            They spent the next two years in Michigan where Michael attended Andrews' University receiving his Masters of Divinity, and Marilyn worked as an OR nurse in nearby St. Joseph, subsequent to her receiving a degree in nurse anesthesia.
            Michael and Marilyn served congregations in the Georgia-Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Potomac, and New York Conferences of SDA prior to coming to the Idaho Conference in the Fall of 2005 where Michael pastored in Boise, Idaho, and where Marilyn continues to work as a nurse anesthetist at St. Al's hospital.  Michael and Marilyn have two sons, Alan, who is attending college in Spokane, and Chase attending Walla Walla U.
            Pastor Mike says, "We love serving with the people here and enjoy living in the most beautiful part of the country. Our passion is to be used of God to give the people in our community every opportunity to hear and accept His unique last-day message and thus be ready for Jesus soon return."


You can find out a lot about what is happening in our church by checking out the pages on our website. Come back every day to enjoy our daily devotional and see what is new on our calendar.

Check out the new articles about family and health in Family First and Staying Young. If you enjoy great art take a look at ScripShot a photographic perspective of the world we live in with a Biblical reference.
 There are a lot of opportunities to share your talents as a part of one of the ministries of our church.

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